Disciplinaries: When Is the Right Time to Start the Process?

In this AP Partnership podcast episode, the focus is on disciplinary procedures in the workplace, emphasising the importance of promoting fairness, communication, and employee well-being. 

Before initiating formal disciplinary processes, employers are encouraged to explore informal solutions to address issues. The podcast outlines different categories of reasons for disciplinary actions, such as capability issues, misconduct, and gross misconduct. 

The importance of conducting thorough investigations is emphasised, using examples to highlight the significance of proper procedures. Employers are advised to inform employees in writing, providing details of allegations and evidence before disciplinary hearings. 

We talk about the necessity of a fair and consistent approach, adhering to the ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures. Open communication, confidentiality, and documentation are highlighted as crucial elements in the disciplinary process. We also address scenarios involving grievances or resignations during disciplinary proceedings, stressing the need for a comprehensive and fair approach to resolution.

By following these guidelines, as an employer you can navigate disciplinary processes with empathy and professionalism, promoting a positive and productive work culture.

Make sure you tune in to the next episode which will be part 2 of disciplinaries.

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