Open Training Courses

The AP Partnership offers practical Open Training Courses so you can book as few or as many places on these courses as you need. They focus on a key subject and cover generic skills in that area.

Open training courses are great providing you are committed to returning to the workplace and putting the skills into practice. We will help with that by ensuring you have a clear action plan when you leave the course.

These courses are either in-person or virtual. The in-person training is held at a booked location. Due to COVID restrictions, the courses have recently been held online, by one of our experienced and qualified trainers. For more information on any of the below courses, click the name of the course or contact us here.

What Are the Benefits?

Here are some of the benefits of Open Training Courses:

  • Highly Cost Effective – Our open training courses are set at very affordable prices.
  • Half a day to One Day in Length – There’s no need to take a long time out to get new skills.
  • Focused on One Subject – The course will only focus on one main subject meaning you get exactly what you need.
  • A mix of People – You get to meet people from other organisations and have an opportunity to share ideas and experiences.
  • Action-Focused – We focus on how you can use the skills, not just what the skills are
  • Highly Enjoyable – Our open training courses come with ‘fun included as standard’.

What Do People Say?

“…a fab trainer, relatable and easy to talk to…”

“A very enjoyable day, good to meet like-minded professionals…”

“Excellent, well put together.”

A-Z of Courses

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