Supervisory/First line manager course


To review and understand the expectations of a first line manager so that you can operate confidently and effectively in your role.


At the end of the Workshop you will:

  • Know the expectations of the Line Manager role and the framework within which you need to operate
  • Have identified your behavioural style and know how to employ it for maximum effect
  • Have practical tips for making the most of the time you have available
  • Be able to describe how motivations vary from person to person and the impact of this in the workplace
  • Know best practice for coaching, mentoring, giving and receiving feedback, and having “difficult conversations”
  • Have identified a personal plan of action to close any skills gaps or knowledge

What topics are covered?

  • Management Perspectives – your role, responsibilities and skills
  • The concept of leadership – what’s my style?
  • Motivation and delegation (high level tools)
  • Coaching conversations – essential skills​

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