Managing disciplinary and grievance problems


The course covers the legal principles that must be followed together with guidance on disciplinary procedures and tackling difficult situations.


To provide delegates with an understanding of current Employment Law with particular emphasis on dealing with disciplinary and grievance problems and ensuring that employees are dealt with fairly and within the guidelines of good employment practice.


  • Overview and update on current Employment Law
  • Equality Act
  • ACAS Statutory Code of Practice
  • How to use your Company’s disciplinary procedure effectively
  • Do you understand them and how to use them effectively?
  • Handling day to day disciplinary problems
  • How to conduct the fact finding and disciplinary interview
  • Preparing a disciplinary letter
  • Review of current dismissal rights
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Constructive dismissal
  • Summary dismissal
  • Grievances
  • What is a grievance and what constitutes a grievance letter
  • Approach to the grievance interview
  • Action after the interview
  • Right of appeal
  • Defending your actions – recognising that a Manager or Supervisor may well have to appear before an Employment Tribunal to defend their actions and the importance of having consistence and thorough procedures.
  • Brief overview of Tribunal proceedings and awards

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