Fire Risk Assessment


To enable course members to understand important aspects of Fire Safety Management and Risk Assessment principals. It covers all aspects of a Risk Assessment and helps the participant gain a good understanding of what is required to complete a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment.


By the end of the training course, delegates will be able to:

  • Define hazard and risk in relation to fire
  • Outline the objectives of a Fire Risk Assessment
  • Explain the differences between various types of fire incident
  • Describe the Fire Risk Assessment process
  • Evaluate risk and adequacy of current controls
  • Record significant findings: format; information to be recorded
  • Review the Fire Risk Assessment
  • Outline the criteria for a ‘suitable and sufficient’ Fire Risk Assessment
  • Describe the Environmental impact of fire


Training Course Program:

  • Building Construction & Design – Fire Preventative Measures
  • Means of Escape and Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Detection and Fire Alarms
  • Means of Fighting Fire
  • Access & facilities for the fire service (fire fighting operations)
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Questions and Answers

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