Employment Law

The AP Partnership’s employment law service is especially designed for those organisations where it is inappropriate to carry the overhead of an HR Manager or where they wish to have access to specialist expertise.

Your designated consultant will become directly involved with your company and its key personnel so that the advice provided is specifically relevant to your business.

This service includes:

  • An audit of your policies & procedures to ensure compliance with current legislation
  • Tailor-made contracts of employment & employee handbook to reflect your company’s terms and conditions of employment and policies and procedures
  • Your own personnel manual including advice and documentation to help you handle matters such as recruitment, absence, performance & disciplinary action
  • Telephone & email advice line to your consultant for help dealing with employment issues
  • Preparation of three compromise agreements each year
  • Onsite visits
  • Updates of employment issues

Optional add ons:

Today, employers are increasingly recognising the benefits that can be obtained from outsourcing HR activities. The AP Partnership can assist companies in accessing a range of specialist services. We can provide a tailor-made solution for your one off projects giving you the flexibility to buy-in expertise, at a budgeted cost, as and when you need it. We have project expertise in the following areas:​

Employment Tribunals​

The AP Partnership handles a substantial number of Employment Tribunals a year, ranging from unfair dismissal through to discrimination cases.

​We deal with the preparation of the case and, where instructed, negotiate a settlement figure with the claimant’s representative. If the case proceeds to employment tribunal, we will instruct experienced solicitors/barristers to ensure a high standard of legal representation.​

Employer protection insurance​

We provide Employer Protection Insurance that pays for the cost of defending a tribunal, settlements and awards. Please contact us for more information.


We can develop and deliver in-house, bespoke training courses in a wide range of management, supervisory and interpersonal skills in employment law and health and safety subjects. Knowledge of your company makes sure we use the right approach for your employees.​

Why have employment law advice at all?

– Meet your legal obligations

Employment and health and safety legislation places many demands on employers as you have legal obligations to meet. Employees have a wide range of rights so you need to follow laid down procedures. Employment law and health and safety mistakes can be costly in money, time and morale.

– Increase your chances of winning cases

The way a disciplinary matter is handled or the wording of a warning letter can make the difference between winning or losing a claim of unfair dismissal. Tribunals can now award high levels of compensation for unfair dismissal and unlimited amounts in discrimination cases.

– Optimise staff management

Outsourcing to a professional company like us is extremely valuable as it helps employers optimise staff management which affects staff performance and bottom line. We help you manage staff in the best possible way at the fraction of the cost of employing an HR or Health and Safety Manager. We can also assist with interim in-house expertise, particular specialist assistance and provide back up for existing staff.

Why choose The AP Partnership?

Employers are recognising the benefits that can be obtained from outsourcing. The AP Partnership can assist employers to access a range of specialist HR, employment law and health and safety services at the fraction of the cost of employing someone and without employee liability.

At The AP Partnership, we give a hands-on personal service. Unlike other consultancies, you will have a dedicated consultant who will know you and your business. If you are dealing with a particularly difficult issue your consultant is on-hand to visit your premises to help and advise you.​

Our consultants’ vast range of experience and skills mean you can buy in HR, employment law and health and safety expertise as and when you need it at a budgeted cost. From recruitment to termination you have access to expertise that allows you to get the most from your biggest overhead – your employees.

Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation.