E-Learning – Online Training

We understand that it isn’t always possible to release a large group of people from your business to attend a training course, or that an in-house training course isn’t always needed. Instead, you may be looking for a cost-effective alternative to provide one or two people in your business with new skills. Or, maybe you yourself just want to brush up on or gain new skills.

The AP Partnership offers interactive video-based e-learning courses that ensures extremely fast, high-quality streaming. The combination of the presenter, animations and quiz-style questions keeps learners interested and stimulated.

What Are the Benefits of E-Learning?

Here are some of the benefits of E-Learning Courses:

  • Cost effective – the employee can attend the course on any computer, no need to travel!
  • Engaging medium – Our video e-learning provides a highly effective medium through which to deliver online training. A powerful combination of embedded presenters, live video footage and animated graphics immediately grabs learner interest and holds attention.
  • Handy certificate – When a candidate successfully completes a course, they will receive a system-generated certificate. The employee and employer can both evidence the training.
  • Mini-quiz – Our courses are constructed to provide a set of multiple-choice questions after each module.

What Do People Say?

“Really well explained, well presented and very engaging material”

“Very engaging and relevant content.”

“Very good e-learning!”

health and safety

Health & Safety Online Training

Explore our comprehensive Health & Safety online training, encompassing essential workplace safety, industry-focused modules, and welfare-oriented courses. Improve your skills in areas like Emergency First Aid, Asbestos Awareness, and Food Hygiene. Our training fosters an inclusive, secure, and respectful work environment.

business and leadership skills

Business Skills and Leadership Online Training

Boost your professional growth with our online Business Skills training catalogue, offering courses in leadership, teamwork, legal compliance, and business communication. Enhance team dynamics, foster positive relationships, and ensure workplace inclusivity. Benefit from courses like Leadership Skills, Time Management, Anti-Harassment and Bullying, Customer Service, and SEO for Business, among others. Our diverse e-learning offerings support individual career progression and optimal business performance.

health and social care

Health and Social Care Online Training

Explore our comprehensive online training courses specifically tailored for social care roles, ensuring effective and compassionate care delivery. Our offerings cover a broad spectrum from Dementia and Mental Health Awareness to safeguarding vulnerable individuals, maintaining health and safety, and upholding professional responsibilities. These courses are designed to promote safe, respectful, and ethical care environments while supporting personal and professional development in the social care sector.

Mental Health & Well-being Online Training

Our online mental health and wellbeing courses enhance understanding of conditions such as autism, dementia, and depression, fostering supportive interactions. With a focus on personal and workplace wellbeing, we offer training in Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, and developing effective mental health policies. Our courses ensure legal compliance, with a deep dive into the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, while enhancing teamwork and employee relations.

hospitality training

Hospitality Online Training

Explore our diverse range of online training courses designed specifically for the hospitality sector, aimed at ensuring safe, ethical, and compliant operations. Our offerings span from food and fire safety to equality and diversity, addressing every potential requirement of your hospitality environment. Equip your team with the necessary knowledge to thrive and operate responsibly with our comprehensive online training.

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