trampoline park

Directors Fined for Health & Safety Offences at Trampoline Park

Explore the legal repercussions faced by two directors after safety breaches at Flip Out trampoline park in Chester led to nearly 300 injuries. This case underscores the importance of rigorous safety measures and directors’ personal accountability under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

safety guarding equipment

Breach of Duty: Health and Safety Standards for Guarding Machinery

Crucial lessons from the Health and Safety Executive v Compass Engineering Ltd and Kaltenbach Ltd case. Learn about the consequences of failing to protect employees from machinery hazards, the legal implications of safety breaches, and essential safety practices for employers to prevent similar incidents.

chart with risk at centre and people's hands engaged in elements of managing risk

5 Steps to Effectively Manage Workplace Risks

The essential 5-step guide to managing workplace risks effectively. Learn how employers can identify hazards, assess and control risks, and maintain a safer work environment through ongoing reviews.

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