Flexible Working: Acas Code of Practice

Explore the proposed updates to the Acas Code of Practice on flexible working, aiming to guide employers and employees through legal rights and best practices, fostering a positive work environment adaptable to evolving workforce needs.

suitcases and aeroplane holiday pay entitlement

New Holiday Pay Guidance Published

Learn about new holiday pay updates simplifying entitlement calculations for UK workers, effective April 2024. These reforms, aimed at irregular and part-year employees, include streamlined statutory holiday pay calculations and reintroduced rolled up holiday pay, clarifying post-reform calculations.

unfair dismissal

Redundancy Consultation and Unfair Dismissal

Implications of the Joseph de Bank Haycocks v ADP RPO UK Limited case on redundancy consultation and unfair dismissal, highlighting the Employment Appeal Tribunal’s (EAT) emphasis on fair and early-stage consultation, the impact of inadequate processes on employee dismissals, and key considerations for employers in redundancy situations.


Employment Law Updates in 2023

Stay informed with the latest updates in employment law, covering rehabilitation of offenders, sexual harassment legislation, and changes in holiday pay, TUPE, and working time rules. Understand these key legal amendments and their implications for employers.

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