Accident investigation workshop


A half day workshop for all employees involved with accident Investigation. To develop an understanding of Accident Investigation and to prepare delegates to manage the investigation process.


Delegates will understand the Moral, Legal and Financial requirements of accident investigation. They will also have an insight into how to gather information by interviewing people and taking statements.

Delegates will be able to identify causation factors, make recommendations for remedial actions and be able to present the information to decision makers in a manner that should encourage change.


Course Aims and Objectives:

  • Definition of Terms
  • Legal Requirements
  • Why Investigate Accidents?
  • Accident Costs
  • Purpose of Accident Investigation
  • How Accidents are Caused (Domino Theory & Multiple Causation)
  • Events and Causal Factors Analysis (ECFA)
  • The Investigation Process
  • Analysing Collected Information
  • Recommending Action
  • Post Investigation Actions

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